Website Maintenance

After site has launched on a server its maintenance play a vital role for its successful working. For a site appropriate promotion, its working and up-gradation is mandatory. A website maintenance service includes revising, editing and changing in web pages to keep your website up to date and nice. The addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services. We assume that if you will want to revise some or all of web pages, or by adding additional web pages and information according to your Business needs. To assist you for maintaining information online, we at S.S Compusoft offer several options for website maintenance.

Features of Website Maintenance

  • • Content update, announcements, articles etc.
  • • Can Replace Images
  • • Add or Remove web pages
  • • Can maintain newsletter & email list
  • • Image manipulation and addition(client supplied images)
  • • Website modification & optimize web pages for search engines
  • • Changing Design templates and website.

Our Website maintenance policies.

  • • We maintain current local backup copy of your website.
  • • Updates are completed within 2 days of time, after they are received.
  • • Updates should be provided by email as much as possible. Updates may be sent by postal mail or by fax.
  • • Maintenance will do as keeping the website current; it is not intended to be redesign.
  • • We don't have control over third party sites and don't have responsibility for loss of information due to actions of these sites.
  • • Although we apply our every effort to make accurate changes in your website, it is the responsibility of client to review updates at that time, and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made. If client needs changes be made due to their own mistake, our regularly hourly update fees will be charged as company norms.